Discover Gallery

Discover Gallery

Since its creation in 1839, photography remains one of the most widespread means to freeze the present moment and to give the possibility to future generations to better know their predecessors.
Nowadays, digital cameras or those integrated in our mobile phones, give us the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, many of them with little artistic interest.
However, it happens quite often, voluntarily or involuntarily to take "the photo", the one which by its angle of shooting, by the mysteries of the light, the precise moment obtained by patience, the chance also sometimes, the fraction of second which will make the difference and capture this magic moment.
GALLERY gives you the possibility to exhibit your photos, these photos captured in a particular way, which makes them EXCEPTIONAL!

What is GALLERY?

GALLERY lets you exhibit and view photos on specific themes:

Police, Gendarmerie or Military Special Forces, Firefighters, Civil Security, Civil Protection, etc…

Why exhibit on GALLERY?

Once your photos are published, they can be seen without any restriction by the greatest number of people since GALLERY is a totally free access site, but that's not all…

When you exhibit your photos on GALLERY, you can if you wish fill in a contact form. This contact form will be linked to your photos, which will allow any visitor who has seen your photo to contact you by email, or to be redirected to your Facebook page, your Instagram account, a personal blog or your website.

Do I have to pay to exhibit on GALLERY?

No, the photos' publication is unlimited and completely free.

Do I have to pay to visit GALLERY?

No, access to the GALLERY website is unlimited and completely free.

Can I exhibit on GALLERY in an anonymous way?

Yes, you can publish your photos on GALLERY in an anonymous form (choice to be made when creating your account).

Are the photos exhibited on GALLERY checked and selected before publication?

Yes, our communication department will make sure that each of the photos exposed on GALLERY matches our selection criteria before being exposed.

Can I remove a photo from the GALLERY at any time after it has been published?

Yes, any photo exhibited on GALLERY can be removed directly by the person who published it and this without time limit.

Can I exhibit on GALLERY other themes than those indicated in the rules?

No, GALLERY will not exhibit photos not related to the indicated themes.

When can I start exhibiting on GALLERY?

As of today: !